Have you Recently Experienced Any of the Following?

  • Feeling "stuck" or unfulfilled in one or more areas of your life 

  • Difficulty breaking a bad habit or shifting unhelpful/self-sabotaging behaviors

  • Painful emotions from past experiences you can't seem to release

  • Negative or unhelpful beliefs about yourself and/or others

  • Relationship or communication difficulties

  • A loss of pleasure in daily life activities

  • An inability to forgive yourself or others or let go of the past

  • Feeling numb or disconnected from your emotions

  • A lack of purpose or direction and choices

  •  Consumed with feelings such as fear, anger, self-doubt, or unworthiness

  • Knowing that you need to make a change but unsure of how or where to start

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Your Truth Awaits

Returning to You is an individualized, experiential coaching and therapy program that is built upon an understanding of the mind-body connection and the subconscious mind. The subconscious  is incredibly powerful, thousands of times more powerful than our conscious mind. It drives essentially most of our activities of daily living, particularly when we are functioning in what we often refer to as "auto pilot." Often, painful emotional memories from our past or early life experiences, while our brain is still developing keep us "stuck", creating beliefs about ourselves or others that don't serve our highest good. These beliefs can cause us to develop patterns of relating to others and responding to situations that work against us, but are very challenging to correct because of where they live in the brain, largely out of our awareness. Repressed emotions and subsequent unhealthy patterns can also lead to chronic physical symptoms and conditions and cause our functioning to be negatively impacted across life domains. 

Returning to You offers guidance through the process of learning to get comfortable with and pay attention to your body and intuition, where your truth and internal compass lies. We work together to identifying the roots of any problematic beliefs so that they can be transformed, and through building tolerance for vulnerability and emotional release. You are taught how to create a safe and trusting space for building self-compassion, self-awareness, and self-love, while quieting the inner critic. 

Your Truth Awaits...Are you ready to take the first step in Returning to You?

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New Client Intake Information

I am currently accepting both virtual and in-person new client consultation appointments through Soul Wellness Holistic Center of Lake Norman. Click the icon below for more information. I also offer a free phone consultation prior to scheduling. 

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Soul Wellness Holistic Center of Lake Norman

500 S Main St. Mooresville, NC 28115


90-Minute Intake Consultation

Through a detailed initial consultation and review of our specialized Intake questionnaire, we will discuss your strengths, needs, and individual goals and will determine the best course of action and treatment recommendations for you.

Individualized Holistic Therapy Services

Returning to You provides an integrated, holistic coaching approach that bridges several dimensions of wellness (physical, emotional, social, spiritual, etc.) and is tailored your unique strengths and needs. I believe that everyone has their own internal blueprint for growth and healing. We will walk this journey together to uncover what that looks like for you. My treatment involves exploring the root causes of current behavioral patterns or emotional/mental distress and creating an action plan that utilizes the most effective practical tools and techniques that are tailored to you, to support sustainable healing and promote your overall health and wellness.

Session Length: 50 min sessions -- currently offering virtual/telehealth services or In-person sessions (facemask required).


Frequency: Initial weekly or bi-weekly sessions are recommended, dependent on initial consultation session.

Length of treatment can vary depending on progress and initial/ongoing maintenance needs.

*Coming Soon*

Intuition Coaching Intensive Program

First personal coaching sessions available Spring/Summer 2021


The Return to You Intuition Coaching program involves:

  • Weekly sequential in-person or virtual sessions for 8-12 weeks

  • Building knowledge of the mind-body connection and awareness of the subconscious mind

  • Strategies for Strengthening self-awareness 

  • co-creating a personalized plan that includes sensory support and movement

  • Experiential mindfulness and meditation practice

  • Targeted guidance and phone check-ins once per week outside of regular sessions

  • Wrap-up integration activities to anchor in your personalized tools, affirmations, and insights so that you can access them anytime.


Projected Length of Program: Approximately 2-3 months in length (8-12 weekly sessions depending on the individual).

This intensive program requires a time commitment to daily practice outside of weekly sessions.

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Reiki Services

Usui (Traditional) Reiki Services:

Reiki is a hands-on or hands over the body therapeutic approach to treating a variety of conditions including physical pain, depression, stress, tension, headaches, insomnia, etc. through the transfer of energy. See below for more information and a demonstration of Reiki in practice.

Learn more about Reiki using the links below...

Healing Reiki Music

Benefits of Reiki

Reiki Session - Video Demonstration

More details forthcoming!

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