“My time spent working with Janelle was worth its weight in gold. I can’t thank her enough for her patience, empathy, and candor which aided in my healing process. When I first started our sessions, I didn’t think I would ever be in the place I am in now. I was walking around with a cloud overhead everyday and thought this is just the way life was going to be from now on. So much so, I didn’t want to live at all. However with her guidance and support I was able to work through my grief and depression and I found myself again. Life has ebbs and flows and I still have my down days, but the tools I learned and the work I was able to do with Janelle, empowers me to be able to get through these times and recognize these are feelings but my feelings don’t define who I am.”


Rock Balancing
Natural Waterfall

“I’m so grateful for my time with Janelle. Prior to working with Janelle, I had tried several therapists, but none were as effective in their approach when working with me. Janelle was honest in her feedback during sessions, but honest in a therapeutic way; which I really appreciated. Janelle helped me navigate through tough decisions, helped me heal from childhood experiences, and most importantly helped me learn how to trust myself and my intuition. My improved relationship with myself, was the best gift I received from working with Janelle. My self-work will always continue, but I’m glad that now I have some great tools/coping skills to take with me along the journey. Thank you so much Janelle for all that you’ve done, and for all the great work I know you’re going to continue to do”