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Philosophy of Care

As humans we are complex, driven by a combination of our biology and life experiences. These experiences, starting from early childhood, create an emotional footprint which is often locked away, cultivating internalized beliefs about ourselves and others. These beliefs and subsequent behavior presents as how we show up in the world and who we believe ourselves to be. Often, what used to protect us no longer supports our growth and can often hold us back in life. Returning to You is based on the philosophy that we all intuitively have our own answers and capacity for self-healing. I believe that within each of us is our unique key to change the trajectory of our lives, through tuning into the body and the intuition in order to discover the answers within and forge a new, empowered path.

 Mission and Commitment to You

 Returning to You is about Empowering YOU.  My personal commitment is to provide compassionate, strength-focused guidance, strategies, support, and a witness to your personal self-healing journey. My hope is to plant the seed of awakening and growth within you, in order to strengthen your intuition and trust in yourself. This seed will of course need tending from you to grow, stronger, and we will identify the best tools for that together. Returning to You is a personalized, strength-focused, respectful partnership between therapist and client and involves a shared commitment both in and outside of sessions. It is the pathway to a deeper understanding and knowing of the Self, which can open the door to living with a sense of wholeness, balance, and authenticity. You can clear the space for a life of passion and purpose, one in which you are truly thriving and free to live in the present moment. I would be honored to walk with you on this journey.


Returning to You grew out of an idea and desire that I had for many years to be part of something from the ground up that could support people in emotional healing work that could also improve overall health and wellness. Although I wasn't sure of what to do with this idea, it began to take real-life form in 2020 after life events pushed me to slow down, tune into myself, and trust my intuition on the next steps. My personally profound experience with meditation, coupled with my research and clinical background sparked the vision for Returning to You. Originally from just north of Buffalo, New York, I have been a board-licensed mental health therapist since 2006. I received my Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy from the University of Akron in Akron Ohio in 2005, where I lived and practiced for twelve years. My last eight years of experience has included providing clinical training as well as board clinical supervision and program administration for community mental health agencies. With a specialized interest in evidence-based trauma modalities, my passion is for helping individuals break through their self-limiting beliefs and heal. My areas of focus include anxiety and mood disorders, post-traumatic stress, life transitions, and relational approaches from an emotionally-focused, sensory-based, mind-body approach. I call Charlotte home with my two sweet kitties, and enjoy hiking, jogging, traveling and reading in my downtime.

Janelle Fleck - Intuition Coach and Holistic Psychotherapist

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Janelle Fleck, MAEd, LCMHC
Intuition Coach and Holistic Psychotherapist

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